Healthy Nutrition Basics
The test will examine the minimum necessary topics to improve the culture of nutrition. On some topics, healthcare experts have still not reached a common opinion, for example, is it possible to consume GM foods (there is no experimental evidence of both safety and harm). In the test, we consider the most studied information, with the correctness of which most experts agree. Our health begins with what we eat. Be healthy!
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1. Basic Explanations. Explanations expand the correct answer.

2. Basic Explanations. Third-party links instead of explanations. E.g. #q28, #q30 etc.
Quick Mantis author
Error in 2. Basic Explanations:
2.1. #q28 link is correct. The page details the topic of nutrition to prevent NCDs. Please read it all.
2.2. #q30 two links are correct. In first link there is a PDF file - in 342 page we can see "Recommended intake of energy per Day". And second link is a bonus for people in a quarantine to pay attention that there is little physical activity, which means that you need to eat fewer calories.
Sunny Moth
Good idea, nice content and explanations.

I noticed a few issues though:
- on the first question there was a link in the description to BMI which was not related to the question itself;
- the 4th question for some reason was asked in Russian.

Overall very interesting quiz!
Quick Mantis author
Thanks for the tip! I want to clarify:
1) Body mass index is a visual indicator of health. I pointed out this link so that people can calculate the index and indirectly judge their health.

2) the 4th question is really in Russian. I just spent 3 days on creating the test (in Russian), and another 1 day on translating into English.

Unfortunately, I did not insert a translation of this question, but in the next comment I will attach the translation with which I will edit the test after the end of the competition.
Sunny Moth
Quick Mantis Thanks for the reply and clarification.
Yeh, I know what you mean. It must have been a huge amount of work and I think you did a great job! 
As I said the content is amazing and apart from 1 question (where it is clearly a typo not a mistake) everything is good. I hope you will get through the first round, good luck!
Quick Mantis author
4th Question is:
"What is the most delicate type of heat treatment of food?"
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