🏛 Famous Structures of the World
From ancient buildings to modern wonders! Uncover the creative potential of humankind with this test that will take you on an adventure around the globe. How many of these buildings can you correctly match to their cities and countries?
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Suave Tiger
I missclicked 2 times. Make me sad :(( It is nice chill quiz
Hip Hawk
Incredible work. I believe the photos are not copyrighted
Sunny Swan author
All photos are either from unsplash.com or pixabay.com, I did edit most of them (two or three are left out unedited), which also does not violate the license. Thank you for your comment and good luck! :)
Hip Hawk
Sunny Swan That's wonderful. I wish you the best of luck
Savvy Lizard
Great stuff!
Giant Kitten
The best historical and world fact quiz ever!! I mean I enjoyed the specificity, the pictures, the quality and the informativeness of the quiz. Outstanding work. Keep it up.
Calm Duck
Quite fun and learning value!
Humble Horse
Rich Yak
Good job
Rima Lem
Oohh yeah! Ranked 2nd. Fun fact : have personally been on the sky bridge of the Petronas Twin Towers. Great quiz, dot! The description was just enough info but adding wikipedia link was a good move if we wanted to learn extra. The flags, nice touch for extra knowlegde. I'm for tibetan flag as new emoji!
Stone Squid
Excellent quiz!
The only thing I'd like to point out is the slightly limping grammar. I'd recommend using a spelling and grammar corrector so that no missing article or comma could spoil your work :D
Best of luck with the contest!
Sunny Swan author
Thank you for your feedback. To be honest with you i did check after myself few times but perhaps i just didn't know any better? Not sure here, can you give me some examples? Well, I'm not a native speaker but of course that's no excuse, however I do want to know better, so I'd be glad if you elaborate.
Stone Squid
Sunny Swan Sure! I've just made a Google Doc (it was much more convenient than writing an enormous comment) where I highlighted everything I edited. You'll find some comments on what I changed there as well. I hope that'll help.

In each paragraph, the questions go first, then the explanations are included. I didn't check the options - I'm sure they're just right. Feel free to ask any questions about what I turned your quiz into :D

Here it is: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1lWLVkzt2DaCSnYsOfrfQ9yY51OAmhksET4ZXdbvCGgU/edit?usp=sharing

I know there's no way to edit your quiz right now, but if you find my corrections appropriate, you might want to edit your test later :)

And good luck with the contest!
Sunny Swan author
Stone Squid Great thanks for the in-depth analysis! :) I admit, commas were never my strength :( I will fix it once I will be able to.

Thank you again and also good luck in the contest!
Stone Squid
Sunny Swan Happy to help you, thanks! :>
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