Programming test: check your Java skills!
Test consist of questions with increasing complexity. At the beginning, you will answer easy questions on the theory and then gradually move on to trickier tasks. P.S. You can flip your device to the horizontal position to see tasks with code better
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Educational explanations. 👍 Explanations cover why the correct answers are correct and why the wrong answers are wrong (when appropriate). E.g.: #q2, #q11, #q16
Sacred Seal
The answer in question #14 is wrong. The code does not contain "break" keywords after each case, so all cases (including default) will be executed and c will be equal to -40
Stylish Dragon
Question #14, Absolutely wrong!
Lawful Sloth
There is also a typo: #14 What is the variable c equal too (should be ‘to’)
Sacred Seal
Also, since the correct answer was changed from "-20" to "-40", I think, it is better to change the explanation too. Otherwise, it is disorienting
Stylish Dragon
Interesting quiz
Lawful Sloth
In answer to the first question I'd add info about floats so as not to make false assumptions in people's heads that java has no floats ^^

P.s. Which function first will start when compiling a program? (This formulation is grammatically correct: Which function will start first when compiling a program?)
Desert Snail
Very interesting quiz. Nice work.

However, I see some HTML and SQL questions which are not Java as the quiz title suggests.

Also number 22 shouldn't compile because of this line
int[][] i2 = {{1,2,3}, {0,0,0,}};
There is a comma after the last zero, without any value following.
So the correct answer should be "compilation error"

Also, in terms of compilation, I think "error" is a more appropriate word to use instead of "mistake".
Giant Kitten
It was a good quiz. Well composed. Just to point out, there are HTML and SQL questions in there,yet the title specifies Java. Q#14. There must be break for the case, otherwise the answer will not be -40, and mentioned typo too instead of to. Good luck:)
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