Swift iOS Advanced - Test your Swift [2]
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1. Educational explanations. 👍
Explanations describe the reasons why the correct answers are correct.
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2. Well-used and self-made media. 👍
Highlighted code screenshots that serve as questions.
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3. Step-by-step approach to teaching. 👍
Swift tests linked together into a course - Beginner and Advanced: https://quiz.directory/quiz/asBxjG0I
Jolly Giraffe author
Thank you, I did it for fun, I believe everyone needs to have fun while approaching this and usually we design quizzes for beginners because we are good in teaching the basics. But I wanted telegram quizzes to be special and have an advanced version of Swift for iOS which makes even the most experienced developers have some fun.
As far as I understand, "step-by-step approach to teaching" means that questions are ORDERED in such a way that learning will be as good as possible. But shuffle questions mode in this test is on. How is it possible that this quiz nominated for "step-by-step approach to teaching"? What do you think, Swift Boar?
Jolly Giraffe author
C D As far as I understand step-by-step approach is not limited by ordering questions which can result, in my opinion, in predictable quizzes which a person who took it once might not feel funny to take it twice to learn something new again. Quizzes for Swift that I developed are linked together into a course "Beginner and Advanced" and that was my approach to step-by-step recognised by the Judge/Judges
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