The Novel Corona Virus; a case of Nigeria, a developing world.
"Covid-19 Lockdown; a case of Nigeria, a developing world" is a free but compassionate plea for Nigerians talk about their experiences while on lockdown and also to enforce the even distribution of palliative to everyone regardless of creed, ethnicity, party, sex or skin colour while ensuring the best practices by the health professionals.
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Daring Mammoth author
Thanks for your comment.
Groovy Sheep
Some of the questions are opinion based. For example, question 5 about how worse Covid-19 impact on education from scale 1 to 10. Some may answer 9,8 and others but their answers are wrong. Same goes to question 6.

Then, there is a question asking about how good is the research. The next question asks why good, why not good.

I think the current version of telegram quiz does not allow this type of quiz. Maybe in the future.
Daring Mammoth author
Then I think the telegram platform wouldn't have been used for this type of research. Nothing wrong with all my questions. Thanks for your response anyways.
Daring Mammoth author
Daring Mammoth Exactly my constraints using telegram. Thanks
Mad Bull
Most of the questions are baeed on opinions and not facts put out by WHO. It is difficult for learn from your quiz and its seems its tied to Nigeria,people from other parts of the world will have a hard time participating . Nice try anyways
Daring Mammoth author
I think that's your personal opinion. Facts are made by what exactly? Opinion in your words must be tested to made them facts and that's what research is all about. Nigeria as a case study means it can be used in other nations of the world.
Covid-19 is a pandemic and it's greeted with same symptoms everywhere you go so I think there's nothing wrong with my questions.
Thanks for your perspective.
Fierce Skunk
Great time was put in, but honestly this is not a quiz.
Daring Mammoth author
Thank you.
Sweet Gnu
Well... Thank you for sharing that interesting research or in whatever category it should be put.

It is certain that this here is not a quiz and less it can be considered as educational.

If the general idea was to make a poll you have used the wrong tool IMHO.

If it was the idea to create a quiz I would recommend the following:

* Don't ask the participants for their personal situations since there is a high liklihood that it may differ from the answer you have given to be correct.
* Watch your orthography.
You are mixing AE and BE.
Question 3: Hand sanitizer (AE)
Question 26: Hand sanitiser (BE)
* Asking why the participant choosing the one specific answer must be avoided.
18. Why did you say it's mission impossible?

Well... Thanks for asking but I positively did not choose that answer before...

Even though I can see some good ideas behind and would recommend that you should participate in round 2 with taking responses into consideration. There is a lot of potential though.
Daring Mammoth author
Thanks for your comment and suggestions.
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