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Night Lemur
1. Question 9: Paint can actually save in multiple file formats, including BMP, PNG, and JPG[1]
2. Question 15: The answer here can't be derived from the question alone. The question implies that a number must be found which violates a pattern the other answers follow. While "numbers below 8" (octal system) is a valid criterion, the following patterns would also work here:
- three of the answers are odd numbers, while only one of them is even (4).
- numbers above 3, so 3 would be the odd one out
- numbers that are prime
and so forth.

So I'd recommend clarifying what to look for in the question, or adding enough numbers so that only one really violates a pattern. Other than that though, good questions!

Brave Jackal author

👉🏻 Question 9 : I asked Default File Extension

So Answer is Only : PNG

👉🏻 Question 15 : It is Computer Test , So given Answer According to Computer Subject Related Answer
( No Aptitude )
Night Lemur
Sorry for the late reply, I didn't see this until now, but question 9 doesn't ask for the "default file extension", it just says "Windows 7 : Paint File Extension", so it can be any of the three.
Brave Jackal author

Yes i asked "Windows 7 : Paint File Extension" means Answer must be given with Default File Extension.

Answer : PNG

Example :

Microsoft Word 2007 : File Extension __________________

Microsoft word File can be save in many format like PDF RTF, XPS, Plaint Text etc...
But Answer is Default : .docx
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