Economics Test
This quiz tests basic understanding of economics, economic systems and economic behaviors of different parties. It requires a background on general economics.
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Giant Kitten author
Thank you for letting me be part of the contest.
I thought short and precise explanations would be engaging rather than lengthy and detailed ones.
I would try to include more explanatory and detailed information next time.
Thank you for the comment and I appreciate all the work you do.
Smart Tiger judge
Thank you for taking the effort to submit your test for the contest.
Unfortunately, this test will not be able to receive a prize:

Too many missing explanations. More than 10 explanations simply repeat the correct answer. E.g. #q65, #q64, #q63, #q56 etc
Giant Kitten author
Thank you for letting me participate in this contest.
I have recieved a judge's comment before and it got deleted, only to be commented with the same comment.
I thought by keeping the explanations short and precise with the summary statement of the question and answer together, I would keep the quiz interesting and short.
I tried to give a simple explanation so that people would be able to recieve it easily rather than a lengthy and superfluous one.
You can see I included more information than the repeating the answer in some of my other questions.
It was that I thought keeping it short was better, it wasn't a matter of not being able to explain it.
I see I have a lot of questions with repeating explanations and I will provide with a more elaborate explanation with links in the future.
Thank you for the comment and I appreciate the work you are doing.
Jolly Snail
What a lovely work, really educational.
Giant Kitten author
Thanks 👍🤘
Fancy Deer
Nice one
Giant Kitten author
Thank you. 🤘👍
nice Question
Giant Kitten author
Glad you liked it.
Giant Kitten author
Sorry for the typo in a choice - "Both monopoly and olig5", corrected as "Both monopoly and oligopoly".
Questions is helpful for preparation of ugc net exam....thank sir to provide this quiz for economic students....its is very helpful.....
Giant Kitten author
Appreciate the feedback.
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