Do you REALLY know plants?
More important than wifi, more interesting than your cousin: plants! Test your knowledge on them! This quiz is aimed at people with a basic knowledge of botany, that is, students but also botany amateurs and casual plant lovers! The aim is both to test your knowledge with basic topics and to learn something new about the fantastic world of plants; This quiz is divided in two parts: the first part has the objective to challenge your knowledge relative to the morphology of plants, by choosing the correct term for the plant’s body parts that are pointed out, together at various questions on ecology. The second part, focuses on questions about different arguments, from simple curiosities to Ethnobotanical topics.
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1. A really good educational test.

2. This test uses pre-poll messages well to achieve an educational effect. 👍

3. Impressive approach to formatting. 👍

4. Used media are properly credited.

5. Minor language issues. Texts could benefit from proofreading by a native speaker. E.g.:
– "From which part of the world is it from ?"
– "To which genus does the smallest existing plant belongs to"
– "According to the description above, plants of the genus Drosera (in photo), that have leaves dense of well visible glandular hairs, in which of the two categories do they belong?”.
Ace Unicorn author
Thank you! I'm really glad that you appreciated my work :)
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1. Educational pre-poll messages. 👍 This test uses pre-poll messages well to achieve an educational effect. E.g.: #q1, #q3, #q6, #q7 etc.

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Michele Finizio
Good quiz, it's smart and funny
Alessandro Sassoli
Federica Fù
So good!!
Jacopo Papaccio
Nice quiz!
Giant Kitten
WOW!! This was a great quiz, although I did not do well on the test. I REALLY learned a lot from it. It shows immense effort and creativity. Congratulations!! 👍👍
Ace Unicorn author
Thank you!
Zafar Naqvi
Noor Mohammad
That's good... 🤘🤘🤘
Nice Questions.
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