Basic IQ test
Questions to refresh your mentality
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Impressive approach to formatting. 👍
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Hairy Mammoth author
Thank you very much for your great motivation
Hairy Mammoth author
Thanks .. it is a fantastic IQ test
Sharp Elk
Good test
Hairy Mammoth author
Agile Dodo
Nice and stimulating. thanks .
Hairy Mammoth author
U r welcome
Sharp Elk
فكره رائعه ومبتكره
Hairy Mammoth author
شكرا لك
Hip Hawk
Very good test. Some questions were not clear for me. My wife did help.
Hairy Mammoth author
Thanks my friend
If u need any clarification just send me
Hip Hawk
Hairy Mammoth No worries bro. The test is nice. Probably it's me who is a lazy learner
Giant Kitten
Nice one, I enjoyed it was fun and tricky. I hope you can add more explanations. I like the numbers game. I also hope you checked with samsung keyboard copyright. Interesting and Well Done. Good luck. 👍
Hairy Mammoth author
Thanks for ur feedback .I will add more explanation and more quizzes in the next stage.
I used telegram emotions not samsung time I will draw it by my hand it is simple emotions
Lucio Messina
I didn't like it at all. Some questions are too simple (add 2 and so on). For some sequences there is too few information to guess the next number (multiple answer are correct). Some explanations are just the "correct" sequence without any hint about how the next element had to be chosen. The topic of some sequences is the powers of two although the explanation is given in terms of bytes, memory storage and other stuff.
Hairy Mammoth author
Thanks for ur opinion but if u dont like it.Many other people likes it.

The quize is called basic so it should be simple not expert
Each question has only one correct answer
If u have any conflict. reply us with the question and we will clarify u the answer

Thanks for ur comment
Hip Hawk
I like the way you evaluate things, please have a look on my quizzes as well.

English for Beginners and Foreigners: (English)

Bullying nas Escolas: (Portuguese)

COVID-19 é Sobrenatural?: (Portuguese)

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Tall Ant
a simple set of questions, but good for elementary school about numbers.
a good basic quiz ...

good luck
Hairy Mammoth author
Thanks alot
Sunny Lemur
This amazes me on how you make use of all the emojis😲😃 so artistic. I just can't understand about the binary portion😅. This quiz totally blown me away🤩👍.
Hairy Mammoth author
Hope u enjoyed with it.

Binary is easy to learn it is about 1 and 0 only.

Thanks for your wonderful comment
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