This quiz is meant to test your knowledge on the English grammar. Whether you're studying English as a second language or you're a native speaker feel free to test yourself and increase your English level. Each question as a limit time. Good luck!
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Hip Hawk author
Thank you very much for your comment. But I also think that the quiz should also be nominated for: "Self-made Media".
Tall Panda judge
Hip Hawk This Quiz was fully re-assessed by an independent Judge.

The original verdict was confirmed to be correct.
Savvy Peacock
خیلی آزمون خوبی بود
Hip Hawk author
Thank you very much!👏
Sunny Swan
A very nice quiz, I liked the images. I ran out of time with one question though:
"What is true about Phrasal Verbs?"
I had difficulties with reading and understanding all the answers. It didn't leave me time to actually think about the answer, but I might be slow reader. Nonetheless - it was very enjoyable, good job!
Sunny Swan
Oh also, I liked how tricky it was, some things in English I wasn't even thinking about but was using them anyway. Once again good quiz! Good luck :)
Hip Hawk author
Ops! I feel sorry for the time. I completed the quiz myself several times and thought if I added more time that would be totally easy to go through all the correct answers. I wanted it to be challenging though
Sunny Swan
Hip Hawk I totally agree, most of the questions were perfect for that time and it would be too long! It was just my subjective opinion :)
Hip Hawk author
Sunny Swan Thank you very much for your feedback, and I'm glad you liked it. 👍
Hip Hawk author
Sunny Swan Appreciated that, thank you!
Jolly Snail
Very nice and lovely one, but I think the time given is too short.. Lovely work thou.
Hip Hawk author
Thank you! But you can still complete the quiz over and over again...

Take the time issue as a challenge.
Jolly Snail
Sure, I am even thinking of sharing it with my students. They need this.
Hip Hawk author
That would be perfect! Just tell them to post comments so may that things can improve to the better:)
Sunny Lemur
Visuals are attractive. Time is somehow sufficient though I missed out 2 questions. I would recommend it to young learners in primary school :D
Hip Hawk author
Thank you very much for your comments. :D
I'm glad to know that you liked the quiz. In fact, the quiz was designed for young primary school students (beginners), foreigners, or anyone else who wants to test his/her knowledge.
Thanks again!
Hairy Mammoth
Nice quize but as our friend said u need to exceed time

But at all it is basic for not english people like us 😀😀
Hip Hawk author
Thank you for your comment. Next time I'll increase time limit
Dashing Ibex
Nice quiz but try to give more second for the next time
Hip Hawk author
I will, thank you! 👍
Sharp Shark
Nice quiz ! Time was a bit low but it is okay. Thanks for your effort !
Hip Hawk author
Thank you
Lucio Messina
Nice quiz but I don't like teaching languages in terms of grammars: this is an obsolete concept
Hip Hawk author
Thank you for your comment.

Note that, there is no language in the world that you will teach without using grammar my friend. I invite you to look for concepts about grammar to better understand the area.

You can't talk about current concepts without talking about grammar.

YOU CANNOT TALK ABOUT MISTAKES IF YOU KNOW NOTHING ABOUT GRAMMAR. Grammar states the notion of wrong and right.

Anyway, thank you for your comment.
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