Leonardo da Vinci from "A" to "Z": artist, inventor, scientist
➡️ 32 entertaining facts about the life and work of the great Italian. ➡️ The test is recommended for passing to all fans of this multifaceted and such the interesting "universal person". ➡️ Illustrations to the questions will make the test even more enjoyable. 🔶 Good luck!
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Educational explanations. 👍 Explanations cover why the correct answers are correct and why the wrong answers are wrong (when appropriate). E.g.: #q1, #q2, #q3 etc.
Sweet Hedgehog
It's a great test, I see you worked hard to present images of a good quality and design. But some of the questions and especially answers of 2 questions are a bit too long. Anyway, it's a good test, 5 stars ! :-)
Small Lizard author
Thank you very much! I'm really very glad that you liked the test!!! Thank you for noticing the pictures, I'm a designer by profession, and the theme of art is very close to me ;)
I agree, the size of questions and answers is sometimes longer than I would like, for this I increased the timing to three minutes ;))
THANKS again for your comment!)
Sweet Hedgehog
Small Lizard So I guessed right :-)
Giant Kitten
Splendid quiz. I learned alot about DaVinci. I loved the custom pictures, they show alot of effort and talent. Well organized. It was interesting. Good luck:)👍
Small Lizard author
Thank you! 😊
Stone Squid
Excellent and impressive work!

I especially like the way you've illustrated the correct answers with the paintings and provided a Telegraph link in the explanation.
There's an issue I'd like to point out. One of those illustrations (with the horse-shaped lyre) appears in the pre-poll to the next question. It's a little illogical, I think... Shouldn't it be included in the explanation graph to the question it "belongs" to? Include a Telegraph link with that image in the explanation to the question about that instrument just as you did with the rest of the questions :)

Plus, it would be better not to shuffle the answer options, because some of them go as "A B C", and it might be confusing to see them as "C A B". I think most people expect them to go in the alphabetical order, which is easier to perceive. There are minor language issues as well. I'd recommend using a grammar & spelling corrector so that some typo couldn't spoil your quiz.

Anyway, that's not crucial. You've done an amazing job and put a lot of effort and dedicated a lot of time. I hope the judges will evaluate your quiz accordingly.

Best of luck with the contest!
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