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Too many irrelevant explanations. 10 or more explanations add no further information about the topic.
E.g. #q10, #q30, #q24, #q23 etc
Gedrees??..do unreally mean that word?..or u want to spell it degrees i guess
Subtle Clam author
Yes it must have been "GUESS". Thanks for the feedback.
Swift Bass
I wouldn't give this test to my students. There are many flaws:

1. Flover -- should be 'flower'

2. Most of the explanations do not explain why the correct answers are correct. They just give the correct answer which is already clear.
e.g. Choose the word which doesn't belong:

The correct answer is 'jump' but why? There is no explanation.

'Jump' is correct because the other verbs are state verbs which describe the state of asking in a more formal and stronger way.

3. There is a question with no instructions. I didn't know what the test expected me to do.
A cap, a hat, a scarf, a shirt, ...
a shade
a bag
a stick
an umbrella

I had 30 seconds to think so I guessed it must be asking me to make a set of clothing, so I chose 'trousers'. It was incorrect and the explanation said 'a stick' is correct because it is not a piece of clothing. And right after that, I realised what I had been supposed to do.

4. You don't play tennis, do you?
And the correct answer, according to your test, is 'Yes, I don't' which is not correct at all.

We always say 'Yes, I do' or 'No, I don't' to negative questions. Even if 'Yes, I don't' was correct, there was another option (No, I do) which should have been correct too.

5. You can never...
speaking over the telephone
had dinner in time
put your things right
choose correct answer
to tell the truth

According to your test, 'choose correct answer' is correct which is not very grammatical, because there should be 'the' before 'correct answer'.

Also, there is another answer which is correct although it sounds a bit unnatural to say -- 'put your things right'.

These are the mistakes I noticed in the quiz apart from some minor punctuation slips.
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