Criteria Cognitive Aptitude Test (CCAT)
The 3 overall best marks shall be rewarded. Try your BEST! ... The Criteria Cognitive Aptitude Test (CCAT) measures your ability to problem solve, use new information, and think critically. The essence of this is to help prepare you for your dream job as more than 70% of employers worldwide use CCAT to get best candidates for jobs. Like I said, you need this to stand out among equals after the pandemic. Carefully read the information below. ... The CCAT originally has 50 questions but this will be 41 only in order to save your time. You'll have 15 seconds to answer each question, as compared to traditional 15 minutes for 50 CCAT questions. There are 3 different kinds of questions: verbal, math and logic, and spatial reasoning Less than 1% of candidates answer all 50 questions. Remember, this is only 41 questions. 》》》 ︎ Don't rush or panic, take your time! ︎It's better to make a good guess before time elapses. Best of luck!!
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🧘‍♂️ KELVIN🧘‍♂️
Nice game, though I ran out of time repeatedly I was still able to do well
Bold Bull author
Wow! It's good to see you do so well. About the time, the essence was to prepare you manage time and make the best guess before timeout.
Well done!
Merry Tiger
Funny, its great. I like it.
Bold Bull author
Thank you, best of luck!
Mindful Griffin
Noooo!!! I was 4th!! I was so close :'c.
Bold Bull author
Wow! You really tried. In reality, you are joint 2nd. This is because I attempted the quiz myself and sit at the top leaving you to be in the top three. You and another user are joint in 2nd position.
Well done!
Mindful Griffin
Bold Bull Wow, great! I didn't expect to get that far the truth. Thank you!
Bold Bull author
Mindful Griffin The pleasure was mine.
Mindful Griffin
Good quiz! I very like it! Has very much potential. Even knowing that I don't consider English to be very good, the vast majority of the questions were understandable, which made the quiz very enjoyable. Nice job!
Bold Bull author
I'm flattered, thank you. Kindly share links to your other quizzes so I can attempt them.
Mindful Griffin
Bold Bull No, no thanks, well deserved you have the compliment.
Sure! I'll leave you 2: one from JavaScript, and one for C#.
Share you too if you want and can, I would be pleased to play them, and, thank you for playing!
Night Lemur
This was a great quiz! It combined interesting questions you actually have to think about with the right time limit and was also very fun, good work!
Bold Bull author
Thank you for the compliments. You are a genius, you did so well.
Fierce Dodo
the comment on this question is incorrect. the difference between robots should be mentioned
Bold Bull author
Thank you. The comment is actually correct. It's a Spatial Reasoning question which requires one to have a deep look. There are a lot of gears and naming them could be confusing. But yet, I really appreciate your observation and I would do better if given another chance.
Eager Clam
The time for reading and answering is too short. Question 30 needs more details in order to answer.
Bold Bull author
The time is based on the CCAT standard with each question having just 20 secs on average. The goal is to prepare the job seekers for landing their dream jobs.

Unfortunately, I won't be able to determine that question 30 because the quiz is shuffled except if you can remember a few information about the question.

Thank you for participating and your assessment, I would do better in making more detailed questions if given opportunity. 👍🏾
Christlike Mind
interesting quiz. i like it
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