Python Fundamentals
Test your knowledge of Python 3! This quiz contains a mix of beginner and intermediate Python 3 questions.
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Dandy Otter judge
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Sunny Swan
Very nice and tricky! Glad that there's enough time to think about the answer. I liked the images too, definitely best Python quiz in the contest.
Humble Fox
Really good quiz! But I think it's elementary level.

question 4. How do you make a string uppercase in Python? it does not convert the string itself but rather returns uppercased copy of the string leaving original one the same.
question 8. Which of the following will produce a float? '6/2' will produce float only in Python 3. In Python 2 it will be int. I think you should specify version not only in the description but in the question too.
P.S. the questions are a little bit monotonous imho. But the explanation is awesome!!!
Quick Boar author
Thanks for the feedback! Yes, it probably is elementary level. I changed
some of the questions so that the quiz wouldn't be too difficult, but I
didn't change the quiz level.

Yes, you are right about the
uppercase strings. I originally had a different image that would make it
more clear, but I changed it so that there would be less text since the
images can sometimes be small (see here if you are interested:
I didn't want the images and questions to be too long since people are
trying to answer quickly, but maybe I should have kept in more details. I
could add in that the questions are for Python 3 as well. I'm glad you
liked the explanations! :)
Night Lemur
This is definitely one of the best CS quizzes on here I've seen yet!
The images for each question were a nice touch, the questions are well-chosen and the explanations are nicely formatted and contain a "Read more" link. I also liked the subtle nod of `features.insert(2, 'video_calls')` :D

The only thing that isn't necessarily true is that tuples are (always) faster than lists[1] as question 22 implies, but this also isn't that important due to it at least holding true for most cases.
Again, really well done and good luck!

Quick Boar author
Thank you for your feedback and kind words! Thank you also for the insight on tuples. I can edit that question after the contest. Good luck to you as well! :D
Sexy Penguin
Incredible effort dear.
The quiz might attract minimal participants but the effort u put in is unmatched and require great skill.
I salute you.,👍👌👌👌
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