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Groovy Mammoth author
Thank you :-)
Jolly Giraffe
About one of the question "Cosa significa formattare un disco" I believe the answer you provide as correct is not really correct - "Formattare" in this case, doesn't mean, as you stated in the correct answer, "Cancellare tutto il disco..". It doesn't really mean to "Delete al the disk". Although in jargon way of talking when someone in Italy asks you to "Format" their hard disk, they mean to delete everything and re-install the operating system; the actual meaning of "Formattare" can be found in many places of internet but a good source is also here: http://www.treccani.it/vocabolario/formattare/.
Jolly Giraffe
Questions were more about IT and Windows in general, although in different countries Windows is not used as much as in Italy, it would be good to categorize the quiz with a better title as there were no question at all about MacOS or Linux, but mostly about Windows (and of course hardware terminology..).
Jolly Giraffe
I believe as well that one of the question was really off-topic with "IT in general". Knowing what is Sillicon Valley doesn't have to do nothing with Information Technology, there are great hubs around the world, better than Sillicon Valley but just less known, in India or in Netherlands or in Asia, but that doesn't have to do nothing with the context of Information Technology. I think a better re-organization of the context of some questions with the quiz title would have worked better. Overall great work - was good to see a lot of great questions about IT although the answers could be better. Some quesitons were having options in English acronyms but the answer was given in Italian acronyms or the other way around which made the overall experience of matching the question/answers with the explanation a bit difficult.
Jolly Giraffe
I think with some minor adjustment this quiz can be really great and of great quality regarding Information Technology in Italian language. Keep it up and congrats for putting together such a great work!
Groovy Mammoth author
Thank you for the advice, very useful! But unfortunately I think I can't modify it anymore...
Jolly Giraffe
Groovy Mammoth You're welcome, I hope you'd be able to do it as soon as the next phase starts!
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