🇮🇹 Are you Italian in your heart? 💚🤍❤️
A mix of questions about Italy and Italians. For the followers of the learn_italiano and learn_italiano1 Telegram channels and for everyone else who has at least a little bit of Italy in his heart ❤️😉 (Notes: 1) The quiz is in English but the Italian names will be almost all in Italian. 2) All the pictures are from the website pixabay.com and are free for non commercial use without any need of quotation of the source.) Enjoy and have fun. 🤓
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Actually I've learnt many things from this quiz...And of course I love Italy :-)
Night Flamingo author
I received a message from Quizbot: Sharp Chameleon⁩ left a comment to your quiz Are you Italian in your heart?. Unfortunately maybe because of a bug in the website the comment is not visible here.

The content is following:

In the description it says that the images are free for NON commercial use: but shouldn't the media be free for commercial use?

My answer:

Hi, thank you for your question. I wrote "free for non commercial use" because the purpose of my quiz really is non commercial. The quiz has purely educational purpose and I don't earn anything nor sell the product. But in order to answer you completely, the uploaded images are also free for commercial use, please check the conditions of use on the website: https://pixabay.com/service/license/  .

Below you can find the precise links for the images used in my quiz. All the other media without any link are my property.




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