Superhero Biology
Learning Should be Fun In line with the theme—creativity—for this year's educational quiz Contest I painstakingly created thirty basic quizzes on the subject Biology. I carefully blended some basic biology questions with some known superhero characters to spice up the fun aspect of the quiz. I know from experience that when one can have fun and relate better with a subject,one has a higher probability of doing well in said subject and what better way to introduce this fun than superheroes in this decade? I hope everyone that attempts this quiz has a blissful and splendorous fun time. Thank you
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Fair Mammoth judge
1. Special note: an original idea for an original test. 👍

2. Explanations give additional context.

3. Minor language issues. Texts could benefit from proofreading by a native speaker (grammar, typos, style). E.g. "perform holozoic type of nutrition", "the parents DNA", "The Cockroach respirates", " Dr Bruce Banner" etc.

4. Minor formatting issues. E.g. various numbers of underline signs, texts without spaces: "This Substance is most likely __________", "is called a/an _______", "Oh No!!..Aestivation is characterized by inactivity", "Try Again!!..It's most likely None..".
Hip Cat author
OMG!!... Thank you so much for your very kind comments especially your *special note*. It's really surreal for one to get acknowledged for one's hardwork; I really appreciate the gesture.

On the 'minor language issues'... Certainly, I agree with your point that my quiz needs a bit of Proofreading reading here and there... I did my utmost best to keep my work error and typo free

Finally, on the 'minor formatting issues', I should have put a space before the underline signs and some of the two 'full stops' should actually be three—making them ellipsis. It's not so easy figuring all these errors out while typing with a phone... A laptop would have notified me promptly of these errors.

Finally, Thank you for taking my quiz. I hope you had a great time as that was one of my main reasons for making it—FUN.
Quick Python
A unique idea!? What unique idea can be seen in this test? Except starting the description with a ridiculous game and most of the time starting the description incorrectly!
Hip Cat author
Quick Python WOW!! 😶... First of all, it's NOT a game neither is it 'RiDicuLOUs'. If you spent a bit of your time and energy reading the description, you'll realize that I clearly stated that SOME questions were carefully spiced with contemporary superhero characters to improve the fun aspect of the quiz...
Anyone could set a biology quiz but we were told by Telegram to come up with creative ideas which have to be original and unique... This brings me to the definition of unique—what is 'unique'?. According to a reputable dictionary, Unique means: Being the only one of its kind; unequaled, unparalleled or unmatched. It has synonyms like: Particular, characteristic, Of a rare quality, one of a kind, sui-generis.

I believe that my quiz is unique because I worked hard to come up with this idea. I also did a lot of brainstorming in order to generate plausible blended superhero question and you CANT find this idea ANYWHERE.

I'm sorry if my quiz didn't rise up to your personal bar of 'uniqueness' but for me and many others it did...

Finally Thank you for taking my Test... I appreciate😉
Smart Tiger judge
This test may have a higher chance of receiving a reward. Nominated for:

1. A unique idea for an original test. 👍 E.g.: #q1, #q2, #q3 etc

2. Educational explanations. 👍 Explanations cover why the correct answers are correct . E.g.: #q1, #q2, #q3 etc
Hip Cat author
Thank you so much for this honest and lovely review😊🤗... I'm literally at a loss for words🤯. I'm 'super duper' grateful 😭
Quick Python
What unique idea can be seen in this test? Except starting the description with a ridiculous game and most of the time starting the description incorrectly!
Stylish Lizard
Hip Cat author
Thank you very much.. I'm very happy that you enjoyed my quiz.
Hip Cat author
I would like to say a huge Thanks to everyone for trying my quiz.. I did my best to create a quiz devoid of errors and typos...However I didn't foresee the issues shuffling my options for all questions would create for questions with options reading, 'All of the above'..
I acknowledge this error and hope to do better in future.. Thank you
Olivia Paul
That's a really unique quiz ,it was great :)
Hip Cat author
Thank you so much for your positive remark.. I really appreciate it🙏🙏
Such a wonderful quiz!!!! I totally liked it so much since I'm a Marvel's fan
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