British vs. American English
Do you know the differences between British and American English? Let’s see about that!
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Gifted Frog
the blend of educational content and humor was great ! the only problem was the TIME . it was impossible to read long questions in 15 seconds . let alone anwsering questions which had descriptions behind them .
Tidy Skunk
Whereas I didn't have any problems with time at all, I really adored your quiz! Great job. =D
Magic Hyena
There should be more time for users to read and answer the questions. Some of the questions are very long, and as this quiz is aimed at learners of English as a second/additional language, they will likely need more time to read and comprehend.

There is an issue with one question. It asks "Which of these spellings is British?" and offers "programme" and "program" as options. The quiz gives "programme" as the correct answer. However, it should be noted that in British English, both are used. "Program" is used in British English primarily in computing contexts.
Regal Boar author
Thank you all for the comments. This was the first quiz I created on here, so it’s a learning process for me as well. Check back again for more, hopefully soon :)
Eager Cobra judge
It is indeed recommended to change the time setting when editing becomes available again. 💪
Giant Kitten
Remarkable quiz. Great presentation and flow. Well done!! Congratulations!! 👍👍👌
Gavin ポケットモンスター
good quiz
Emmanuel Kabwe
Wow am amazed but time was so little for me. Please work on it
Very educational little quizz.
Mr Vin Okeke
Quite interesting. Well done.
Anurag Mishra
நகைச்சுவையை வாசிக்க நேரம் சற்று குறைவாக இருந்தது
Good to try this out. It was brain tasking because of the time...
Thandiwe Matshikiza
Awesome, thoroughly enjoyed the quiz
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