Our relentless enemy: Cancer 🧬♋️🔬
Cancer is one of the major causes of death worldwide. With this quiz, you will learn more about this disease, starting from basic biology and moving to its treatment and prevention strategies. Some questions might sound a bit difficult if you have no previous biological notions: do not worry. The explanations within the quiz are meant for everybody. If you want to know more about cancer, ask your physicians or consult reliable websites such as WHO, your Ministry of health, or Wikipedia. Do NOT take any of the content below as medical advice. Please notice that this Quiz is dense in words and notions, and it might take around 20 minutes of your time to complete. Let's start!
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Nice Giraffe judge
1. This test uses pre-poll messages well to achieve an educational effect. 👍
2. Explanations expand the correct answer and give additional context.
Cool Meerkat author
Very happy to hear your positive evaluation! Indeed the pre-poll message functionality is crucial and really helped me to introduce each topic to non-experts!
Swift Boar judge
This test may have a higher chance of receiving a reward. Nominated for:

1. Educational explanations. 👍
Explanations cover why the correct answers are correct and why the wrong answers are wrong.
E.g.: #q1, #q2, #q3, etc

2. Educational pre-poll messages. 👍 This test uses pre-poll messages well to introduce topic to those not familiar with it!
E.g.: #q1, #q4, #q5, #q7, etc

3. Step-by-step approach to teaching. 👍
A Quiz that teaches you something new, building on knowledge learned in previous questions.
E.g.: #q22, #q18, etc
Cool Meerkat author
Sounds amazing, thanks a lot for taking the time to go through it!
Fluffy Bat
Interesting! As a cancer patient I did learn a bit about other cancer types.
Cool Meerkat author
Thank you for your kind feedback! Indeed my intent is to inform about the prevention and the treatment of this disease, I am happy you got something new from it! Best
Sweet Kangaroo
Great. Thanks. The quiz is very interesting.
Cool Meerkat author
Thank you, really glad you enjoyed it!
Hip Cat
Amazing quiz.. This was just Brilliant!!.Well defined questions coupled with explicit explanations!! This deserves my 5 stars indeed!!..
I was really excited to see what would be the corrects answer to the last question. I wonder why you chose option D-the option that says, 'Give me back my 30 minutes.'.. I certainly couldn't choose that and I failed that question. My bad, I guess.
Cool Meerkat author
Sorry about that! I chose that one just to stay humble :) It's really great to hear your positive feedback, I was afraid that it might be too long or too detailed, that's the reason of that answer! I hope the rest of the quiz went fine!
Hip Cat
Cool Meerkat Okay... Yeah the rest were great.. I had a wonderful experience. Thank you so much
Agile Toad
This quiz has simply too much text. Though the topic is good, the quiz itself is pretty tedious.
Cool Meerkat author
Thanks for the feedback.
Even though I will consider your opinion for future improvements, this is a complex topic and it has already been substantially simplified to suit the context format. This quiz is clearly not meant to entertain in a moment of boredom.

If you want to learn something, time and effort should be invested, that's how it works.
Agile Toad
Wise man! How I 'invest' my time is best left to me, I'd say. You seem to be under the impression that you not only know best, but only you know best.
Cool Meerkat author
I am sorry if you feel like you have wasted your time on the quiz.
You are right, I shall just accept your honest opinion on that.
Cool Meerkat author
Glad to see that this Quiz has been nominated among the best ones, I am very grateful to anyone who took the time to go through it and leave some feedback.
Please notice that I plan to improve it in the near future, including modifications based on your opinions.
Thanks again, wish you a nice day
Ibadullayeva Barchinoy
Thank you, it's been useful to extend my knowledge of cancer.
Cool Meerkat author
Great to hear that, thank you for your comment! Best
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